CNA Gerontology Certification


As a CNA-certified nurse, you would be…

  • Recognized nationally for your specialty nursing practice excellence

  • Valued by many employers, because your certification would demonstrate you possess specialized knowledge

  • Recognized for your commitment to lifelong learning

  • Regarded as having enhanced professional credibility in your specialty by showing you Care to Be the Best!

Until November 16, 2019, members of the Canadian Gerontological Nurses’ Association (which GNABC members are) can receive a 20% discount on writing a CNA Specialty Certification exam, or renewing their CNA specialty certification. You can obtain your discount voucher through the Canadian Gerontological Nurses’ Association (CGNA) website at: CNA Certification Program: Discount Vouchers. Please allow a few days after joining GNABC for your membership information to be sent to, and processed by CGNA (it won’t be instantaneous!).

According to CNA, “The CNA Certification Program is designed to evaluate the knowledge and skills expected of a nurse with at least two years of experience in a given specialty. The exam will test you on national standards created by nursing experts rather than a core curriculum of study. Because the exam will assess your experience, your preparation will be based on what you already know. You should therefore study to refresh your knowledge of your nursing specialty, especially those practice areas you haven’t been exposed to recently.” (CNA, 2019). Find out more on the CNA Website.

Study Groups

To assist nurses prepare to write the CNA Certification Exam, a 9-week study program has been developed for RNs and LPNs. A copy of the study schedule is attached below, and is also posted on the CGNA website. Please contact Lillian Hung or Jenifer Tabamo for more information.

Canadian Nurses’ Foundation

The Canadian Nurses’ Foundation will reimburse the fees of the certification exam, certification renewal exam or renewal by continuous learning for at least one nurse in each of the 20 specialties/areas of nursing practice

The Canadian Nurses Association recognized Gerontology as a specialty and the first Certification exam was written in 1999. This certified credential is an important indicator to patients, employers, the public and Professional Licensing bodies that the certified nurse is qualified, competent and current in a nursing specialty/area of nursing practice( CNA,2009).

Contact your chapter to see if there is a certification study group in your area, to help prepare for the exam. Working with a group makes it easier to study and challenge questions amongst the group

By achieving certification, you’ll commit to a national standard of professional competence that demonstrates your understanding of your area of nursing practice (CNA,2009).

This certification is valid for 5 years, at which time one must re-certify by writing the exam again OR by meeting the required numbers of hours and type of continuous learning activity.