Photo: GNABC Executive and Chairs

From left to right: Bonnie Tateham (Education); Nelly Vanderby (Membership & Chapter Dev’t); Catrin Brodie (Past President); Lilian MacTaggart (President); Cathy Farrow (Media); Joyce Taekema (Secretary); Marliss Magas (Treasurer); Marie Blair (President Elect).

Provincial Executive

President – Lilian MacTaggart email me

President-Elect – Marie Blair email me

Past-President -Catrin Brodie email me

Secretary – Joyce Taekema email me

Treasurer – Marliss Magas email me

Chapter Presidents

Central/North Vancouver Island – Joyce Taekema email me

Central Okanagan – Lia Sambrielaz email me

Fraser Valley – Sukhdeep Sran email me

Kamloops – Tanya Beatty email me

Prince George – Liz Mooring email me

Richmond / Vancouver – Lillian Hung email me

Simon Fraser – Deborah Coulombe email me

Victoria – Corinna Templeton email me

Committee Chairpersons

Education – Bonnie Tateham email me

Media – Cathy Farrow email me

Membership & Chapter Development – Nelly Vanderby email me

Business Registrar – Liz Ilczaszyn email me

Email any inquiries to GNABC